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Why do we understand and solve the existing problems?

Initially, we serve our client with a good and clear understanding concerning the essence of the matters, purposes, and needs of the client for a legal service. With a good and clear understanding, the essence of legal matter as faced by the client can be understood correctly and entirely. Subsequently, a working method in the legal matter settlement will be built properly and effectively in order to enable us to achieve the client’s purposes.

A good understanding is very useful in anticipating the legal risks (to the client) which may arise in the future. At the same time, it can prevent misunderstanding between our attorneys and the client, in which it would have negative potential effect against an expected result and may threaten conducive to cooperation in regard to the settlement of the matters that are being faced.

Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services in professional and effective way for protecting rights, developing, and maintaining the client’s business sustainability.

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Rahmadany Firmansyah, SH

Managing Partner


Fiat Justitio Ruat Coelum
Our advocates come from leading universities of the State. Standard application of the code of conduct, trust, and professionalism is our commitment.

Staff : Suci
Assisten Law : Ahmad Solikan Aji, SH

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Our Values

The values of our organization constitute basic foundation in performing the works for the client’s interests. The values create a strong work culture for our legal services’ organization and it is conserved continuously. These values are reflected in our day-to-day working attitude, our methods in getting in touch or interacting with related parties and the environment, and in carrying out the mandate as well as in solving our legal works for the client.
We are fully believed to those values that they can bring enormous advantages to our client and us ourselves, both individually and collectively.

Whereas belief in one Almighty God determines all the things in our efforts to earn a living as the Attorneys. This belief in one Almighty God raises our strong faiths that any problem must have a solution, no matter how difficult it would be. This value becomes our first and major value, in order to carry out a legal services organization in professional and modern way for our clients’ interests.

Whereas any negative thing can turn into positive with a patient and continuous effort, and definite purpose to fix any circumstance. We also understand that any problem is an opportunity for us to being advanced and better to the client, not as the obstacles which would harm the client’s business sustainability in the future.

Whereas solving legal works is working together in a solid teamwork and doing a favor each other. Therefore, each individual in a team is highly appreciated for his/her contribution, be treated well and respectfully.

Whereas providing high-quality legal services is a strong foundation to build the reputation. We always try to improve ourselves in provision of legal services in order for the purposes and needs of the client in getting our legal services can be achieved in satisfactory manner.

Whereas legal works given by the client is a mandate that we have to maintain and keep well for the establishment of mutual trust and continuous working relationship, which even sooner or later it will be built a relationship that is more solid than a mere relationship between attorney and the client, based on the values of continuing brotherhood and friendship. We guarantee that the client’s secret is a priceless thing which we have to keep it confidential in accordance with the orders as regulated in the attorney profession code of conduct. Our reputation and credibility are dependent on our ability to keep the client’s secrets at anytime.

Whereas the legal services also contribute to the advantageous innovation for the client of which the implementation shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures which are not contrary to the applicable laws in Indonesia. The innovation is directed towards our manners in providing the legal services and our working method in solving the legal matters as well as in fulfilling legal needs of the client.