What we do?


Firmansyah Rahman & Co serve legal services to companies from huge scale to star-up companies in various sectors. Include individual who needs legal services.

Firmansyah Rahman & Co has experiences in giving legal services in various legal sectors such as corporate, litigation (legal disputes), banking, land and property, [*], oil and gas, forestry and plantation, also indemnitees insurance. Firmansyah & Co also has good reputation in finance sector, technology information, taxes, regulation, mining and environment.

Our attorneys have experiences in handling transactions in banking sector and finance such as loan guarantee, convertible bond, bond issuance, investment financing, syndicated loan and financing for infrastructure. We also continuously have corporation with banking institutions, financing, investment companies to provide any needs in such transactions.

Acknowledge our client’s business clearly, we work sincerely and commitment supported with legal skills and experiences in order to achieve good reputation and satisfied result for client fair and adequate. Our main purpose is to give better life and comfortable with qualified legal services continuously. In performing legal works, our attorneys do legal research intensively to help disputes settlement effectively and innovative. Professionally our attorneys supported by experience workers in various knowledges in order to reach “advocacy” optimally.

Dynamically, Government of Indonesia has program to accentuate infrastructure construction, legal needs to accelerate the construction, secure the project transaction, secure the investor’s interest and legal certainty for businessmen. Our attorneys have skills and experiences in handling infrastructure project transactions with financing basis, include legal project preparation aspect, bidding, governing law, compliance and related licenses, preparing commercial contracts. Additionally, the most importance is land acquisition for such infrastructure project, we have good experiences in helping businessmen pursuant to Indonesian governing law. Our team consist of attorneys and investigators that work comprehensively to identify the land object intensively, technical conditions and legal issues, operational risks also plan and implementation of land acquisition in order to achieve target and client’s needs. We focus in many various infrastructures such as power plant, toll road, port, housing, drinking water facilities and gas pipelines and airport.

Business is getting complicate and complex, therefore it gives business risks that has to be anticipated effectively through insurance schemes, either asset insurance protection, default risk in bond issuance or specific loan, or income losses even business. Our attorneys have skills and experiences in handling such issues.

Our attorneys have legal skills and experiences in handling transactions for sailing such as vessel purchase, sea transportation by charter, vessel building, claim to owner responsibilities, sequestration vessel and vessel financing. Sailing is growing and this industry needs legal services professionally in order to give security for businessmen. In port business sector, we have experiences that will support businessmen in performing the business such as terminals joint operation, development, operation and maintenance, financing, acquisition, port operation concession and secure the legal aspect.

Our attorneys have legal skills and experiences in handling land transactions and property in multi disciplines and skills. Land issues in Indonesia is one of crucial problem that hard to handle only with single skill, also needs others skills in supporting the legal services. Our team consist of former officer from Badan Pertanahan Nasional that has experiences in land sector that will helpful in facing legal issues including certification. For property sector, our attorneys help businessmen, developer, property buyer in property transactions such as apartments project construction and central business district, purchase apartment units even property project acquisition with debt-equity swap. Our attorneys supported by investors in giving information and actual data and valid working methods or certain property.



To Whom Legal Service Is Provided

Acknowledge client’s business wisely and clearly, therefore we work full commitment and supported with legal expertise professionally and has experience in order to achieve good reputation and satisfied result for client equal and adequate.

Our purpose is to give better and comfort life through legal service for clients continuously.

In performing legal works, our attorneys shall do legal research deeply to help the settlement effect and innovate hopefully achieve settlement’s aim accordance to the parties’persepctive

In performing the duties, our attorneys shall supported with professional team from various.